Prudent DesignWorks' mission is to allow musicians to learn, practice and communicate using advanced graphics technologies such as ARKit, OpenGL, OpenCL, Metal, Vulkan, A.R (Augmented Reality) and M.L (Machine Learning). Our flagship products are Practicin and Lessonator. We use the knowledge acquired developing those tools to help startups and entrepreneurs create groundbreaking and intuitive graphical apps.





About Me

Hi! My name is Nick Prudent. I’m an app developer, entrepreneur, graphic artist and musician. I’ve been a professional graphics software developer for more than 20 years. In that time, I have created and/or been involved with many startups. I therefore understand the balance of constraints and opportunities facing startups. I started coding as a kid in the 80’s on a Commodore 64, later migrating to Windows, Mac and now mobile on iOS and Android. I have studied in Industrial Design and have used my design skills for most of the projects I got involved with — for myself or for clients. I was granted a U.S patent for a 3D human modeling technique, referenced by Honda, Sony, Microsoft and Lucasfilm, among others. My work has appeared in WIRED, the Montreal Gazette as well as other international publications. I specialize in 2D/3D graphical software and most recently iOS and ARKit. I'm a vegan and live in the greater Montreal (Canada) region with my two guitars and a bass.

Social Media

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