AR-enabled mobile music practice app for iOS. Create and share practice flash cards with other practicing musicians. Practice with a metronome and track your progress over time. Follow your favorite players and learn what they practice every day. Use AR (Augmented Reality) to visualize the fretboard or keyboard and quickly figure out what others are doing.

AR-powered music practice app. Practice alone or with others & bring your playing to the next level. Guitar, piano or bass. iPhone, iPad & Mac.

  • Practicin is a community of practicing musicians sharing their practice regimen and inspiring each other in their lifelong journey into music.
  • Improve your playing 10x by practicing regularly with a metronome.
  • Discover the practice regimen of the stars and see what they practice to build and maintain their chop.
  • Get deeper into music by learning to read and write standard music notation.
  • The best players practice regularly
  • Use the same practice regimen as the stars
  • Create your own practice flash card s and share them with the world.
  • Follow your favourite player and see what they are currently practicing.



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